Lost in the Ocean VR
Published 3 years ago
HTC Vive
Lost In The Ocean VR is one of the first survival game, developed specifically for Virtual Reality.
Care about your primal needs, craft useful items, start a fire, survive…and build your way out!

Lost in the Ocean VR
Close your eyes, put your VR headset on, and you’ll become a shipwrecked man, on a tropical island in the middle of Pacific Ocean.
First of all, you have to survive.
That’s because your hunger and thirst will make you suffer, like in real life.
So you have to understand how to satisfy your primal needs, interacting with animals or plants that you will find on the island.
Of course you will need to craft some tools, using rocks, wood, plants, and start a fire to cook or to have light during the night.
But, if surviving is your first objective, the second one is to escape the island. To achieve to runaway, you’ll have to build a raft and face the Ocean’s weaves.
Can you handle it?
About the Project
This will be the first release of the game, further updates are coming soon.
Our desire is to continue working on it, implementing the game with new interactable objects, food, drink, tools, animals and, most of all, we would love to add new islands and the way to move from one to the other.
So, in this first phase, we will really appreciate all your feedback and advices, of any kind, they will help us to develop a better game. 
Now released on Steam Store:
Release Date: 24/02/2017
Lorenzo Gambardella
Indie developer - Owner
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HTC Vive