Live TV Tycoon
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iOS; Android
Design and manage your own TV station in “Live TV Tycoon” and become a millionaire. Create TV shows, gain fans, buy various studios, compete with other players and even direct your own scenario for each show and share them. This is just the beginning!
“Live TV Tycoon” is an Idle-tycoon game for Android and iOS platforms, providing the experience of managing a TV station.
In this game, you will play the role of a TV manager of a new television station whose responsibility include creating high quality television programs and scheduling them for broadcasting at the appropriate time. Game occurs in real-time; therefore, it has the elements of Idle games as well as tycoon games.
Your duty is buying and using different upgrades, purchasing various types of programs from your agency or recording them in your studio, scheduling to broadcast appropriate TV programs, choosing the right time to broadcast TV commercials and examining views of shown programs.
Everytime you produce a new show you can create a unique animation for it. Use a list of infinite actions, backgrounds, stars and props to create any show you want and share it with other players. Gain more assets by progressing in each category and create funniest shows ever!
Gradually and by advancing through the game you can raise your online rank and gain reputation and thus sign better contracts that will have many benefits for you and your channel. Each contract is a mission which you have a few days to complete. Successfully completing a mission helps the TV station to progress faster.
The innovative art style of the game helps to induce in the player a feeling of being the manager of a TV station. User interface (UI) of each page is designed similar to a TV Station office. Animations of each telecast are unique. They are carefully designed in order to give the player the utmost pleasure from watching them.       
Release Date : Q1 2017
Acid Green Games
Narges Farazan
Programmer - Programmer
Sadegh Boroomand
Indie Game Developer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Persian (Farsi)
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android