Light Memory
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There is all-consuming darkness, which can live in the soul of every human being.
Are you afraid of the dark?
Are you afraid of closed tight spaces?
It's not a terrible story, a struggle for life.
You have only one enemy, one way out.
The main task of the player - passing game story in which your priority is to get out and survive in that situation, and the world in which you are. As well as performing missions that constantly confront us with the problem or the answer to a puzzle that we have to decide what would go further. The player will have to move constantly, and often hidden, as well as to ward off the enemy.
Gameplay is to control your character (the main character of our game) for the passage of missions, solving puzzles, etc.
Obstacles in the way of a player are:
⦁ Ignorance of the direction in which you want to move, to get out, because you do not have a map and the whole world is like a maze.
⦁ Just hinders our progress is our main enemy, which will be hindered our progress.
⦁ solve various puzzles and disclosure that will allow us to move forward (for example, that would open the door to a certain room, etc.)
⦁ Just our progress will be hampered by the fact that we can not always ward off our enemies, as our accommodation, we will repel it, may not work temporarily (battery is mounted)
Combat operations are based on the use of the lamp, which will have a certain amount of battery power. In order to compensate for the battery energy again need to search for energy sources. The process of military operations will be conducted as follows:
If you try to have an enemy to attack, we use our flashlight, which in turn creates a flash of light that drives away the enemy for a while.
The process of torch charge to search for the necessary sources of energy that can be carried in stock, in a limited number.
The essence of the game is best reflected by using the genre as logic with elements of horror. This definition of reasonable for the following reasons:
⦁ game design is very much supports the storyline of the game, introduces some puzzles, mysteries.
⦁ Again, the game design support for the components of the atmosphere of terror.
⦁ main actions of the player is running and trying to hide from the main enemy, drive him with the help of a lantern, and solve puzzles.
⦁ For the passing game need to make sense of how to pass a given point in the game where to turn or how to solve a particular puzzle.
Upon reaching the ultimate goal of the player - finding the exit from this world, and directly himself out, the game ends. The game can start again or any place of previous saves.
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English; Russian
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