Legend of Abhimanyu
Published 2 years ago
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"Released in India as of now, Reached Number One in Paid games on Apple AppStore within 24 hours of release"

The story is based upon the 13th day of the epic war of Mahabharata when a sixteen-year your boy fights alone against the warriors of that era and successfully breaks in one of the greatest ever military formation, the "Chakravyuha". "Chakra" means "Spinning Wheel" and "vyuha" means "Formation".
Filled with action and adventure, this single-player game brings out surprise elements at every turn and around every corner. Get ready for numerous levels, deadly warriors, and various weapons to master! Players will have a unique gaming experience every time they step into the world of LOA.
To bring an epic battle to life, LOA brings stunning graphics and a detailed plot that puts you (Abhimanyu) at the center of slaughter and destruction as he seeks revenge against the warriors. Follow the journey filled with intricate traps, hurdles, powerful bosses, tons of enemies, and traverse through the challenging levels of the game. The impressive cinematic sequences and striking colors & patterns promise to deliver an altogether different experience.
Target Audience:
12+ age with interest of playing Action/Adventure games, Mid core to hardcore players.
Key Game Pillars:
  • First mobile game to depict gamified version of the great ancient military formation called “Chakravyuha”.
  • An immersive and detailed plot.
  • A 3D world full of stunning graphics.
  • Several weapons to master: single sword, double sword, and bow and arrow.
  • A wide range of enemies to destroy.
  • Many bosses to defeat, each with their own special power-ups and abilities.
  • Intricate traps and hurdles.
  • Impressive cinematic sequences.
Game Languages
Arabic; Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; English; French; German; Hindi; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Persian (Farsi); Portuguese, Brazil; Spanish
Supported Platforms