Kitty Scratch 2
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iOS; Android
Published in 2013, Kitty Scratch is a cute and funny 3D videogame for iOS and Android devices, specifically developed for families and kids of every age.
Main features:
  • no violence
  • colourfull design
  • small scale gameplay
  • no in-app purchases
  • simple to play
  • kid's friendly
  • for all pet lovers
Once upon a time an unknown car arrived in the quiet town Baguette. It was an early morning and all the citizens were still sleeping. Joel, the student who just moved away from his parents, was also sleeping in his new flat. The unknown car stopped in front of Joel's door and an unknown man went out and ringed the bell. Joel woke up and slowly opened the door. First he did not see anybody. He looked around and saw a kitten sitting on his doorstep. The kitten was so cute that Joel could not resist. "Come on, Kitty", he said, "want to live with me?" And the cat purred as an answer.
  • walk as Kitty inside Joel's house and prepare to attack furniture
  • tap multiple time over each object to scratch and destroy it
  • count your daily amount of scratches and points
  • be silent while scratching and hide to avoid Joel
  • COMMUNITY - Find out other adventures of Kitty, fan art, comics and much more in our pet lover community and share your experience about Kitty Scratch and your pets.
  • AUGMENTED REALITY - Play with Kitty in real time. Download our free App on your Android mobile device and scan Kitty Markers on our facebook page. It's technologically fun!
  • OCULUS RIFT - Joel invites you to visit his home. See how he and Kitty live and explore every detail of the environment in first person, using virtual reality device and free App.
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iOS; Android
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