Kitty In The Box 2
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Traverse through worlds by launching your kitty cat character Sushi into boxes! Coming soon this January 2017 on Android and iOS devices!
Join Sushi in her adventures as you dive into the world of Boxing... No, not the one with punching and gloves. We are talking about that thing that cats do where they pounce into boxes... What's up with that? Who decided on "if I fits, I sits"? Seriously, why do they do that?
The goal here is simple: get the kitty into the golden box. Miss a box and back to the beginning you go. Get ready for some butt wiggles, slippery catwalks, and watch out for the mischievous birds!
  • Launching kittehs into boxes
  • Challenging bricks and evil birds
  • Elaborately designed themes (e.g. Popsicle Town, Candy Land and Ancient Egypt!)
  • Handcrafted leces that require you to think outside the box (hah, get it?)
  • And customizable kittehs and costumes!
Kitty In The Box 2 is a sequel of the hit mobile game Kitty In The Box ("the first kitty game"). Inspired by two cats ("kittehs") that stumbled into the Mokuni Studio, Kitty in the Box proved to be a success and was well received at conventions such as NY Comic Con and PAX East.
Now, after collecting many feedback from players of the first game, and researching through many many MANY more cat videos, Mokuni Games decided it is time to create a bigger and better sequel with features that will challenge more players and warm more hearts.
Kurt Young
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; English
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android