Kitty Champion
Published 2 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
If you are looking for game for cats, you have to try our app. Kitty Champion is a mobile game designed for cats. The best way to play with your cat! Now you can Uncover the adventure with your cat! Watch your fluffy friends learn and play as they exercise their imagination and practice their ability.
The game includes a variety of different toys, with stunning sounds which will keep your cat's attention for ages. You decide how long your pet can play for. Competitive Cat? Your pussy can collect points through play with the totals displayed on our online leaderboards. This is the best game for cats available in the store. The Game features colourful, sharp and lovely graphics which draw your attention... particularly if you are a pussy cat...
Take a look at it's friendly features:
- Choose up to 12 detailed toys.
- All 12 toys can be unlocked through free play
- Every toy has a unique sound and different, realistic, physics.
- Cats can accumulate points through gameplay
- Share points in social media
Leszek Król
Unity 3D Expert / Augmented Reality - Producer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android