King of the World
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King of the World is the gameplay from RISK in a Real-time strategy setting. Fight up to 12 players against each other while scheming, backstabbing, making shallow alliances or simply conquer to become the last man standing.
Welcome to a world of skillfull commanders, cunning tacticians and backstabbing schemers. 
King of the World is a multiplayer real-time strategy game with up to 12 players fighting against each to be the last man standing. 
Fight for control in a beautiful made map of Europe with North africa and middle east where each country has been giving attention to detail.
Take your wars on land as well as in the sea with naval combat giving the game different dimensions.
Balanced Gameplay
Become the winner by outsmarting your opponents or simply conquer them by force. It doesn't matter if you're a tactical genius or a novice, all players will start each game with the same conditions.
12 player free for all
Engage in 12 player battles where everyone is against each others, or simply create a custom game to play with less. In the full release you will also have the option to team up with your friends in teams of 2 and 6.
Control region to increase income
Take control of all points in a region to increase your income with the amount of points in the region, controlling regions will also grant you reinforcements each turn.

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