Keepy Ducky
Published a year ago
iOS; Android
Keep them ducks up in the air in the App to iBallisticSquids Minecraft Minigame.
Two years ago YouTuber iBallisticSquid invented his legendary Minigame KEEPY DUCKY for a funny stay in the world of Minecraft. Now it is your turn to relive this adventure full of ducks, snow and animal companions on your own Phone, wherever and whenever you want.
The concept is simple, but nonetheless a challenge - Keep a duck in the air for as long as possible by shooting it with snowballs. As soon as one of them lands on the floor, the game is over und you are ready for another round. As you continue juggling the duck you will be able to unlock iBallisticSquids friends as playable characters, more colorful levels and pets, that accompany you with their special talent. Keepy up the work until you can proudly call yourself master of the duck! 
Fresh 8 Bit Style 
15 friends of iBallisticSquid as playable characters
3 different pets, ready to help 
A lot of Snow and a lot of Ducks
Endless fun (as long as you keep the duck up)
iBallisticSquid on Youtube::
Reinhard Schmid
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iOS; Android