Just Ski
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iOS; Android
Just Ski is minimalist skiing game powered by physics.

Just Ski was created by a single developer working one hour a day for six months. 
The controls are fluid, easy to understand, and once mastered give a real sense of being in-control. 
The visual design of Just Ski is simple and pleasant. The game uses high contrast colors to indicate progression and the user interface is purposefully bare.  
  • -A fluid and precise physics-driven control mechanic borrowed from an awesome old abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator.
  • -Simple minimalist design.
  • -Very pick-up-and-play friendly with quick restarts.
  • -Exciting rigid-body style crashes.
  • -No free to play shenanigans.
The physics
The skier in this game, while in the air, is governed by a physics concept known as the conservation of angular momentum. This simply means you spin faster when crouched and slower when stretched out. It also means you need to impart some spin at launch because once in the air you can not add angular momentum. (No fake spin physics here people!)
It'll take a few tries to get the feel, but once you do you'll enjoy the sense of control.
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Jeff Weber
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iOS; Android