Jumping the Gunn
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Detective Lieutenant John Gunn is a relic of his time, an incompetent cop who always "gets his man”.
Detective Lieutenant John Gunn is a relic of his time, an incompetent cop who always "gets his man”. Just 30 days from retirement from the San Benito Police Department, you must take control of John and help clean up the streets, solve crimes and try not to loose your toupee.
Character Bio
John Gunn - Good with a gun and pretty savvy when it comes to hunting down and dealing with criminals. The thing is, he isn't the most sociable. He often misses social cues and unintentionally goes for blunt truth over politeness. He doesn't mean to do this and often delivers these blunt truths, thinking they'll make someone feel better when it really makes the situation worse. In fact, he actually misses most things when it comes to normal life. (Ex: After having talked to someone, ask them which way he was walking before they started talking. The other person points. Then judging by which way the other guys pointed, John determines whether or not he'd already had lunch.) He's a very introspective thinker. The doesn't mind living alone type. He's one of the best because being a detective is his greatest talent. He might seem like a fool or even an idiot at times, but no one can touch him when it comes to catching criminals. When he's on a case, he never misses a thing. This even applies to suspicious activity when going through daily life. He has very powerful instincts when it comes to crime. Personality-wise he acts like a hardboiled gritty detective.
30 days 30 missions, help John Gunn go out with a bang. You have 30 day split across 3 districts worth of missions before John retries. A combination of investigative missions, tailing missions, shoot outs and escort missions.
Mission 1 - Stick to your Gunns
A woman comes into John's office. She tells him that someone is trying to kill her. She reveals that she only found out about the plot against her when a maid consumed something that was meant for her, and died. The woman is a rich heiress who's about to inherit quite a bit of money, including a financial empire when her sickly father passes on.
There's mention of a scheming uncle, a jealous cousin, and a conniving ex-wife. She's set to get married soon. The moment that happens, the inheritance will move to her immediate family. The other three will be cut from the line unless both she and the husband were killed. The husband, too, comes from a powerful family. Too dangerous.
While searching, he goes to the hospital to see the maid in the morgue. He wants to know how she died. While there he does some research on the woman's family. He finds that everything is available until you get to the woman's birth records. They are classified. This might be hinted to the woman not actually being the daughter of the rich man.
This might also be the first place John encounters some of the other people (cousin, uncle, ex-wife). He spends some time gathering clues and evidence. After that, he offers to escort the woman to her wedding out of town.
They encounter many problems. Hired thugs. Assassins. Maybe even a bomb. At one point the John loses the woman only to find her again, only she's different this time. Everything about her is the same, only her personality is different. She's rougher. More confident. Not like a spoiled rich girl at all.
John tries to hide his suspicions as he goes over the evidence with her while they eat. He eventually gets back to the hospital records and deduces that it's not an illegitimate birth that they were trying to hide. They were trying to hide an extra birth. Twins. He discovers this right as the original woman finds them.
Turns out that one twin was kidnapped at birth and rather than reveal the unfortunate news to the mother, the father decided to keep it a secret. He bribed hospital staff to keep the kidnapping a secret.
The twin has returned to kill her sister and claim the fortune she deserved. The twin can die or just be arrested. At the end, John successfully takes the woman to the wedding.
Jonathan Ogle-Barrington
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Windows; Mac; Linux; Xbox One; PlayStation 4; Nintendo Switch
Lead VR game programmer
Hey. Thanks for the kind words. Yes its massively inspired by the naked gun films. Its going to be a bit of a mix. So movement/shooting will be controlled by wasd or controller but then you can go into a point and click mode to search for clues etc.
Alberto Luviano
a year ago
Hobbyist Game Developer
Nice, the artstyle is very eye-catchy and I'm guessing you are a little bit inspired by the Naked Gun movies, those are so funny. Is it going to be a point & click adventure or more action oriented? anyway, keep it up! you have a fan here.