Jet-Wings the game
Published 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux
Jet-Wings is a Flight simulation inspired by Jetman.
Live the most incredible human flight experience. 
fly through different landscape & search the best line of flight.

After several years of Skydiving and Gaming we realised air sports are not represented the right way in the Video-game world.we were inspired by Jetman so we started to work on a game who try to recreate this incredible human flight experience.
Jet-wings was Born.
So basically, after gearing up the wings and a parachute your body become a jetfighter powered by four tiny Jet Turbines capable of flying through the air during 15mn , before opening a canopy. In Jet-Wings you will be able to fly in different landscape inspired by real life place.
Jet-wings is a score based flight simulation and you have many way for that.
-win race.
-close call fly by
-formation flight
But you can also just fly through the level &  search the best line of flight
This is were we are right now:
  • flight physics
  • 3d model design & animation
  • A landscape inspired by  Grand Canyon & Swiss Alps
  • A landscape inspired by Dubai with skyscraper
  • Time trail courses over city , canyon & mountain
  • A formation flight with Alpha Jet 
  • A formation flight with an A380
  • Game menu
  • Score system
  • Multiple camera
  • configurable graphics and input settings
What 's next:
  • Helicopter exit points
  • Smooth Control
  • Dynamic camera
  • Redesigned Player & wings
  • Reworked Graphics & lightning
  • Replay & Screenshot Mode
  • Additional maps
  • Online Multiplayer…
Nearly all core flight system & mechanics are already implemented and tested, so we are pretty sure that there will be no nasty surprises waiting for us in the development process.
However, a huge part of the game content is not yet fully included.
This is prone to performance issues once we implement all the graphical assets.
We’re working very hard to make this game a beautiful and fun experience,.
With your support we can expand the game, and make it better.
Mickael Murcia
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux