Jeju Flying Bike
Published 2 years ago
Oculus Rift; Gear VR
Korea’s PostVisual Creates VR Bike Ride,
Transports innisfree Shoppers to Pristine Jeju Island
SEOUL, August 24, 2016 – innisfree, the Korean beauty brand known for its natural ingredients and eco-friendly philosophy, has been expanding globally in the last few years. For its new store in Shanghai Disneyland, innisfree decided to do something different, by transporting consumers to its beautiful home base of Jeju island - virtually. The Jeju Flying Bike, created by PostVisual, “flew” consumers from the 16.5 square meter store to the 1,650 square km island, a popular vacation spot for honeymooners and a Unesco World Heritage Site for its volcanic landscape. By mounting a bike and donning the VR goggles, consumers fly to Jeju – at a speed that matches their pedaling. Descending from above the clouds and skimming the sea to fly around the island, they can “collect” natural ingredients such as canola blooms, green tea leaves and nutmegs, using eye-tracking technology. To create the 360-degree airborne and underwater surroundings, PostVisual spent about three months producing the content, including building its own VR drone camera in-house. “The challenge was to break the limitation of the small space, and build a unique brand experience that can deliver the innisfree brand story,” said Creative Director Hyunbok Jung of PostVisual. “With interactive play, the Jeju Flying Bike lets consumers experience the brand through their entire body and drives home the brand essence, which is ‘innisfree = pure Jeju.’” Since the Jeju Flying Bike arrived at Shanghai Disneyland, thousands have enjoyed the virtual ride to Jeju. The concept is being rolled out this year to flagship stores in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States.
Game Languages
Chinese, Simplified; Chinese, Traditional; English; Indonesian; Korean; Vietnamese
Supported Platforms
Oculus Rift; Gear VR