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In James Bomb the player controls the handsome agent and helps JB-6 to find a cure against a dangerous deadly virus that was stolen from a scientific institute in Korea. This can be achieved by being shrunk down to the size of the virus and driving the so-called Bombship around the test tube. Of course, the virus should not be consumed or touch the body of the Bombship — instead use the Bombtail to destroy the enemies. By dodging, James Bomb can not only directly fight the virus, but also collect important data about it.
Your name is Bomb, James Bomb, and you are a secret agent from JB-6.
Deadly super virus samples have been taken from the Institute of Genetics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and you've been designated to fight against the viruses to collect samples for a vaccine.
Be prepared to be shrunk and to fight against these viruses in your Bomb Ships to prevent chaos and to protect World Peace!
Game Features:
  • * Dodge monsters and destroy them using your continuously generated tail like in the good old Snake! But don't try to eat viruses!
  • * Occupy EventZones to deploy powerful effects and take the advantage!
  • * Customize your ships by merging them and using different skills!
  • * 3 Difficulty levels to increase the challenge and try to reach a higher score! Be aware though, hard mode is really hard,, so watch out!
  • * More than 100 achievements are waiting for you. Become a Master of the game!
  • * Classic mode is ready for you! And Challenge and Infinite modes are coming soon! 
  • * Achieved your best score? Share it on Google Rank! Maybe you are one of the best players in the world!
Put on your suit, you have a licence to k... bomb viruses!
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Game Languages
Dutch; English; English, British; French; German; Italian; Korean
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