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HTC Vive; Oculus Rift; PlayStation VR
Iteration is a VR, story driven, puzzler game focused on disrupting player senses and challenging the mind, all the while unraveling an enigmatic narrative and setting that explores the very concept of what is human consciousness.
Through the use of portals, optical illusions and shape shifting environments the game is targeted at, puzzle and narrative-driven enthusiasts.
The goal is to combine a fully interactive game in Virtual Reality with a well thought storyline and setting, producing an incredibly immersive experience.
  • Reality Defying Puzzles
A house that is constantly changing and moving, inducing chaos and breaking reality’s rules in order to try and prevent any kind of escape.
Endless halls, in nite looping corridors and portals that access a weird alternate dimension are but some of the anomalies happening, and it’s up to the player to get past these obstacles by solving their related puzzles.
  • Subliminar Narrative and Journal
With Iteration we ditched common narrative tools and adopted an indirect stance, focusing on exposing the story of the player and the setting through the environment itself, like photo frames and lost journal pages, that can be collected and viewed at anytime. Although indirect, collection of pages will be the most rewarding way to learn about the game world, and will also be completely optional.
Optional puzzles that can range from simple interaction based challenges, to wholly different game experiences, like playing an arcade shooter on a VR headset, inside the game that reward the player with extra story exposition.
  • Side Objectives
Besides progression based puzzles, there are optional out-of-the-way mini puzzles/games that, upon completion, will each reward players with story journal pages.
Puzzles can range from simple interaction based challenges, to wholly di erent game experiences, like playing an arcade shooter on a VR headset, inside this VR game. By rewarding story exposition, we merge gameplay, narrative and exploration.
  • Interaction System
Most of the environment will be interactive, and many objects will be collectable. To support this, an inventory system is implemented that allows for storing a limited amount of items at any given time.
Of the collectible items, some are required for puzzle solving, others just are convenient to carry around, and many are just world building elements that boost player immersion and add cohesion to the setting.
We are Those Kids, a small indie game studio based in Lisbon and focused on Virtual and Augmented Reality. Founded in 2015 and composed of only three members: André Santos as the 3D Modeler, João Almada as the Lead Programmer, and David Filipe as the Game Designer and Programmer.
David Filipe
Junior - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
HTC Vive; Oculus Rift; PlayStation VR