Interactive projection mapping with gesture control
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The main goal was to learn how to rotate a physical object with hand gestures and project a fitting animation onto a rotating cube.
This project is an installation / game prototype instead of a game to download to your pc, cellphone or console. That´s also why there is no backstory to be told in or about this prototype. Right from the start this project was meant to work as a platform to build up knowledge about software development and  hardware integration but also to have something to show on art / design exhibitions and to clients.
What´s the gameloop?
Because this personal project was more about learning how to drive hardware with C# the gameloop is minimal: Find all the pets by 1st rotating the cube with your left hand 2nd grab a pet with the right hand and 3rd drop it onto it´s corresponding pillow. You have won the game when all pets are on their pillow, but can also reset it by holding both hands in close proximity for three seconds.
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Thanks Ilya Suzdalnitski for his portal shader.
Ralf Breninek
Interface and motion graphics designer - Designer
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