Infinity Carrot
Published 5 years ago
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Android; iOS

Fly with your spaceship through the boundaries of the universe, you will need to have the fastest reflexes to avoid and destroy endless enemy waves that will cross your path.
Experience powerful levels, they will take you to the limit to overcome them. In Infinity Carrot you will have to prove, you are a real space pilot.
Being an experienced pilot has never been an easy job and less a contemporary sport, it can become very dangerous in fact, because of that in Plunger Games we have decided to emulate and bring it straight to your mobile device. How fast can you move your spaceship before becoming stardust? Can you keep your shields up to avoid being crushed like a fly in the window?.
“The advice we can give you is put on your headphones and listen to the game’s music to focus and fly as far as you can…” Edgardo Herrera M. (Music Composer).
While you travel deeper into the game, you can evolve your weapons and unlock powerful ships to pilot, show off to your friends how many ‘parsecs’ have you managed to go and share it on social networks.
All content is free, which is a great relief to your pockets. This is Infinity Carrot !!!, and will be launched early in 2016. Watch our videos on “Youtube” to keep up to date on our progress. Visit our “Twitter” .
We are Plunger Games, an independent company and we do what we like, the design and creation of video games. You can visit us at our webpage and on our facebook  or write to  .
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Android; iOS