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Windows; Mac; Linux; Android; Unity Web Player; WebGL
In Cube Action is a experimental labyrinth-find-your-way-out game.
You must change gravity vector to walk on the walls and ceilings to find your way out.
It is made completely with Unity UI system.
In Cube Action is a unique labyrinth-find-your-way-out-maze game.
It will test your imagination, orientation, visualization and memory.
Idea for the game came to me when I was a little boy,  before getting to sleep. I had bunk beds, and the top was mine.
Lying on my back I was looking at the ceiling. Apartment was at eleventh floor, and through the windows came the lights of a moving cars.
Shadow was moving from the wall to the ceiling and to another wall.  I was thinking what would it be like if I could go on the walls and ceiling like shadow.  Like I can bend gravitation and walk like that.
And after a lot of years I decided to make the game that will use this dreamlike gravitation, and player can walk on walls. To be able to do that, player must walk over the motion trajectories ( arrows ) that will change direction of the gravity vector. White ones are static and the black ones can be collected and used at proper time. Using them wisely player must find a portal for the next level.
The other reason for making the game was Unity new UI system. I realized that the best thing for the game would be, if all the walls were in fact UI buttons, so I could use UI interactive system and drag and drops from the box. 
Every game has UI, and it was a experiment  for me to create a 3D game only with UI. I was searching the net and there were no  3D games made just with GUI. So it was a  challenge too.
This game was also my mental projection for finding a way out of some personal labyrinth. As I found my way out, the game is without adds and can be freely played. Way of celebration.
Lots of very good people helped me during the process, for translation of the game and music.
So, Can you find your way out?
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Dutch; English; Estonian; French; German; Greek (modern); Russian; Serbian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; Android; Unity Web Player; WebGL
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