In The Shadows
Updated 2 years ago
Available on
Linux; Mac; PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One
Scare way monsters with lights! A puzzle platformer where monsters show you the way out!
In The Shadows is a 2D adventure platform puzzle game, where shadow creatures transform to everyday objects when startled by light. A man who lives his routine everyday fall back to his childhood fantasy world where he tries to put together the events of his young self, his life and a meaning for it. Challenged by his childhood fears, one must get out of his comfort to live.
Sometimes simple, sometimes challenging puzzles must be solved to progress throughout the game, opening more worlds to be explored. Light is your friend, use it properly to scare away monsters that lerk in the night.
The game feature a rich 3D environments made in voxels that gives it a pixel look. Real time lighting in 3D and shadows gives it an atmosphere like no other.
Game Developer - Other
Game Languages
English; French
Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; PlayStation 4; Windows; Xbox One