In the Garden of Dandelions
Published 3 years ago
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iOS; Android
“In the Garden of Dandelions” takes you on a journey into a world full of magic, wishes and dreams. Fly like a dandelion in the wind and enjoy some relaxing moments!

Experience the story of Anna, a seamstress who lives in the valley of windmills. In this valley, the Perfect Machines ensure a content life. But can a perfect life also be happy? Help Anna discover the hidden power of the heart’s desires.
In the Valley of Windmills, the residents have forgotten how to wish - they have machines that lead them to believe in perfect moments at the press of a button. Only Anna, the seamstress, has kept her ability to dream. And so she firmly believes that she can fulfil a giant’s heart’s desire: he wants to fly! But how does one help someone to float weightlessly like a feather?
Anna remembers a time when people still made wishes - and sets off to fulfil the wish of the Birdman...
  • Heartwarming. cinematic story about the power of dreams and wishes
  • Based on the picture book bestseller illustrated by Valeria Docampo
  • Relaxing flow effect due to an easy gameplay that becomes more challenging over time
  • Harmonious music that matches the game perfectly
  • Endless mode with global highscore for all masters of flow
  • Operate the app with just one finger - simple and intuitive
  • Fly and collect as many dandelions as possible in order to bring the wind back to the Valley of Windmills
  • Master risky flight manoeuvres like loopings and slow down your flight to catch even more dandelions
  • Listen to the enchanting story in German, English and French
  • Play in “endless mode“ and conquer the global high scores
  • Enjoy limitless access to the integrated picture book film with illustrations by Valeria Docampo
Financially supported by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
Game Languages
English; French; German
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android