In Space We Brawl
Published 5 years ago
Available on
Mac; PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; Windows

In Space We Brawl is a local multiplayer, twin stick shooter with more than 200+ different combinations of spaceships and weapons. Up to four player can join a fight, picking one of the 11 vessels and equipping it with 11 tools of space destruction. Are you going to drive an agile (but fragile) Pulsar ship with a deadly plasma sword? Or do you want to fully take advantage of the energy generators of the Cypher ship? The sniper rifle would be a nice match, considering that its insane damage output is balanced by a high cost for each shot.
Players can choose their play style, fighting in 8 different battlegrounds, each one defined by specific space hazards such as solar winds, black/white holes and deadly alien nests.
  • Local multiplayer arcade action for 2 - 4 players.
  • 13 spaceships + 14 weapons = 200+ different combinations.
  • 8 battlegrounds, with 3 maps each.
  • Space hazards like solar wind, black holes, alien nests.
  • A lot of power-ups: speed boost, shot enhancement, auto firing drones, fire rate boost, energy module, repair module, temporary invincible shield.
  • 4 multiplayer games modes: Championship, Tournament, Team, Gladiator.
  • Bounty system: each player can place a bounty on him/her or someone else. If he/she survive with bounties, they are claimed as points; if he/she kills a player with bounties, they are claimed as points.
  • Single player challenges.
  • Advanced AI for aliens and bots.
Unity Forge
Game Languages
English; Italian; Japanese
Supported Platforms
Mac; PlayStation 3; PlayStation 4; Windows