Imperiamus | Mobile Game
Updated 2 years ago
In development
iOS; Android
Imperiamus is a fictional story created by Edward Radu that shows the universe with new eyes.
As a first approach, this project is going to introduce itself with a Mobile Game.

You will play as an Imperiamus soldier, Jiulius 133, that need to free the planet from unknown enemies.
As extra you can play as Edward Blue, a boy with powers that helps Julius in his mission.
The game is a 3rd person shooter with Julius and Edward as playable characters, with the ability to drive the last Imperiamus spaceship.
Imperiamus is an intergalactic association that deals with the military and political peace of the planets adhering to this initiative. In this case Imperiamus sends a legion to liberate one of its planets, but they can't enter the atmosphere of the planet because the enemy antennas do not let anyome enter.
Julius 133, one of the imperial soldiers survived on the planet, is contacted by the general of the Legion Imperiamus and thanks to the radio instructions, he will have to find why the enemies have occupied an Imperiamus planet and collect 5 important relics that can save the planet.
What Imperiamus knows about enemies is that they are called Kave and have stolen imperial weapons and spacecraft for a purpose unknown to them.
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iOS; Android