HoloGrid: Monster Battle
Published 3 years ago
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iOS; Android
HoloGrid: Monster Battle is an Augmented & Virtual Reality Board Game, Collectible Card Game (CCG), and Digital Game-in-one, by HappyGiant and Tippett Studio.
HoloGrid: Monster Battle™ is an original, next-generation augmented reality game by HappyGiant and Tippett Studio. A "hybrid" board game, collectible card game (CCG), and digital game all-in-one, it delivers to players a glimpse at the future of AR and VR board gaming. Currently available for iOS and Android mobile devices, the game supports cross-platform multiplayer, and is coming soon to VR devices. Created with two-time Academy Award winner Phil Tippett, who created the original HoloChess scene from Star Wars; the developers used a technique called "Photogrammetry" to scan in physical creatures Tippett had made over the years, turning them into 3D models and brought to life with augmented reality. The mobile game comes with two sets of cards, two stands and a rule sheet, is available for purchase from Amazon here.
Michael Levine
Founder and Creative Director - Executive
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iOS; Android