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Hide and Seek follows the traditional 1 Seeker vs many Hiders model of hide and seek that everyone is familiar with. It's free to play, and multiplayer!
Hide and Seek was made by a single developer over the course of 26 months (June 2015 - August 2017).
Hide and Seek follows the traditional 1 Seeker vs many Hiders model of hide and seek that everyone is familiar with. Explore different levels and evade the Seeker until Base reopens for you to make it back! Typically people have created mods, or "gentleman agreements" within an existing game, and hack together a way to play hide and seek. Hide and Seek seeks to be a dedicated, managed platform for this under-represented genre for all ages.
That means no dying, no killing, no shooting and no dismembering.
You can stay fully up to date on the progress at the Steam Community Hub:
Hide and Seek is Free to Play!
Steam Page:
Public Beta was available via Standalone Launcher from December 2016-August 2017.
Is this an Early Access Game?
No. It's feature complete for the inital release, so it's fully playable with all features that were boxed for first release.
However there are many upgrades/updates/new level ideas that I would like to add, but if I tried to do all of the ideas I got before releasing, it would never be released.
This game was fully developed from scratch by me alone.
Which took over 26 months working on it every day after my full time job.
I'm a developer. Not an artist, modeler, storyteller, animator, or graphic designer. Just a developer. Don't judge the graphics too harshly :).
 How many Levels are there?
At time of release there were be 2 levels: Haunted House and Hedge Maze.
Halloween Hedge Maze and Space Station have been incrementally released since initial release.
 How is Online Play supported?
Online Play is supported via a Server/Client Model with UNET. Anyone can host their own server and anyone can connect to that server. If you want a private server, you may password protect it so only your friends can join.
 What customization options are there?
When you host a server, you can customize:
  • Minimum Players required to start match
  • Round Length
  • Match Length
  • Seeker Count Time
  • Hide Time (amount of time after Seeker finishes counting before Base reopens and Hiders can return)
  • Tick Rate
  • Server Name
  • Description
  • Port
  • Password
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