Hidden Fortune
Published 2 years ago
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Gear VR
Hidden Fortune is an adventurous treasure hunt through a virtual world of charm and enchantment. Conjure magic, solve puzzles, and collect secrets and treasures in an episodic series.
An adventurous treasure hunt presented in an episodic series, Hidden Fortune opens the door to a beautiful fantasy world rife with secrets, puzzles and crazy goat wizards. Clue by clue, quest by quest, players will journey through the chapters of a wickedly charming story, each boasting a brand new level to explore.
As an intrepid young magician, your spellcraft manifests in the world around you as magical orbs. They are small, but mighty! Cast them forth to solve puzzles and collect treasures, which you’ll need to rescue your parents from a mad wizard, who also happens to be a goat. Your task may be daunting, but with the help of your sorcerous grandfather (and his sometimes-helpful advice) you will sail to new lands filled with peculiar characters, secret journals, and colourful enchantment at every turn.
The first episode of the Hidden Fortune series, “Outcast Cove,” is available for $3.99 USD on the Samsung Gear VR. Additional chapters coming soon!
Renee Klint
Community Manager - Writer
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