Harold Halibut - A Handmade Adventure
Published 4 years ago
In development
1.1 K
Windows; Mac; Linux; TBA; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
*A modern adventure game about the daily routine on a spaceship stuck undersea. Stop-motion look, exploration, story and humor! ~(☉º☉)~
Harold Halibut is a modern adventure game, with a strong focus on storytelling and exploration. Set in a spaceship, stuck under sea on a distant water planet, you slip into the tiny shoes of Harold. As a young janitor and lab assistant to Professor Jeanne Mareaux, one of the lead scientists on board, he tries to help out in her attempt to find a way to relaunch the ship.
Hundreds of years ago, in the 1970s the generation ship was sent out as humanity’s last chance to continue life elsewhere.
But poor planning and silly fights in the cockpit led to the mission crash landing on a planet that turned out to be water-only. So Harold never witnessed the heroic spirit the people on board once carried with them, as he was born way past the crash date. Currently you will notice a limboish state inside of „Fedora I“. 
Technically the plan is to find a way to relaunch the ship and get out of the water but the diversity amongst the inhabitatants leads to various interest groups standing in each others way.
Taking in the atmosphere and being a part of this utopia-turned-awry is key here. Enable communication within a society that has long been fixated on (and eventually disillusioned with) being the last outpost of humanity. Your choice of engagement in conversation unfolds and affects the personality Harold quietly carries inside of him.
Wander around the Station and be prepared to make most things around you bleep and bloop. Do be careful, though. If you break the wrong thing someone might hold a long-time grudge with you. You may also randomly be challenged to a thumb wrestling match. Or chill out in the former planetarium and count weird fish floating by. Or hang out at the arcade. Or do other things besides the point!
Onat Hekimoglu
Game Designer, Composer - Designer
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; TBA; Xbox One; PlayStation 4