Hang Line
Published a year ago
In development
iOS; Android
Hang Line is an extreme-physics climbing game where you swing up dangerous mountain peaks and avoid ending up in hospital from falling rocks, avalanches and angry goats.
Compete in the world's most extreme climbing tournament, where daredevil climbers use grappling hooks to swing themselves up death-defying mountain peaks. Winning isn’t just about skill, it’s whether you can survive the tournament without ending up in hospital!
Using the unique and intuitive one-tap control system, climb treacherous rock faces and navigate dangerous obstacles including angry mountain goats, falling boulders and shattering ice stalactites. Use your grapple to drag obstacles and pull away ice blockages in order to clear the path forward. Fling yourself to safety as the mountain literally collapses around you.
Play through a series of over 40 unique hand crafted levels, each offering its own unique challenges and surprises including avalanches and volcanoes. Earn awards by searching for special items on the mountain and sustaining the minimum injuries. Progress to the top and experience the catastrophic failures of other climbers that pushed themselves too far.
Remember - please take swinging seriously.
Ed Kay
Creative Director - Designer
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iOS; Android