Hand Toss - Garden Defense
Published 2 years ago
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iOS; Android; Windows Phone
Defend your garden! Crush monsters using giant boulders, bombs, arrows and more!
The goal of Hand Toss is to eliminate monsters who have dug tunnels beneath your garden, destroying everything in sight. Stopping a monster only requires you to drop a ball on them, but you must navigate twists and turns of the tunnels these monsters have created. Each level becomes increasingly challenging, introducing new projectiles to fumble the monster’s wicked plot. Projectiles include a boulder, bomb, arrow, and more.
To take a shot at one of the monsters, simply tap and hold the screen in the shaded area. A trajectory line appears and if you slide your finger around you can adjust your aim. Sliding your finger up or down the screen increases or decreases, respectively, the velocity behind your throw. You only have one shot, and while you can bounce and roll the ball to strike the monster, each level has a timer that starts with your toss. If the ball stops or doesn't reach the monster without hitting it, you fail the level.
Should you get stumped on sorting out a path to toss your ball, Hand Toss has guides available to help you complete the level.
Scoring is one to three stars, based on how quickly you complete the level. When you reach certain cumulative star counts, additional ball styles become available. Styles include a pumpkin, 8-ball, doughnut, earth, record, pizza, and more.
Hand Toss is available everywhere! Get it on your IOS iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.
Key features:
- 4 unique worlds with 64 levels
- Innovative physics gameplay
- Be awarded with several ball styles to play with
- Easy drag and drop actions anyone can get into
- Free guides, so you'll never get stuck on a level
Nycholas Coelho
Software Engineer - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
iOS; Android; Windows Phone