Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
Hacktag is 2 player co-op stealth-game with an assymetrical gameplay.
Play as the stealth-agent on the field or as the Hacker on the network and cooperate to sneak in together.
In 2029, in a parallel world, you are a mercenary who secretly accomplishes missions for corporations struggling for leadership. To succeed you will have to team-up by 2 and infiltrate corporations simultaneously in two ways: 
  • As the stealth agent, infiltrating physically the level with an isometric 3d view and a fast infiltration gameplay with a rewarding arcade feeling.
  • Or as the hacker infiltrating virtually the same level with a holographic blueprint vision and moving on a virtual network to interact with the cameras, doors, phones or coffee machines…
The whole Hacktag experience is designed to make the players feel like they are spy or heist movie heroes... And nothing will go as expected!
Xavier Lemaitre
Game Languages
English; French
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac