GUTS - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation 4
G.U.T.S. is a fighting game about having fun with the violence generated in an ultra-capitalist environment.
G.U.T.S. - Gory Ultimate Tournament Show is a fighting game where you have to dismember your oponents! That’s right: none of GUTS competitors, the best Reality Show in 2067, stop fighting after being dismembered - they keep fighting until they have none! Lost an arm? Worry not, use the same arm to hit your enemy!
GUTS characters fight and chop each others limbs in a balanced and competitive gameplay: GUTS aim to become the first brazilian fighting e-sport! The innovator gameplay change the characters moves as they lose their arms and legs and show creativity and renovation in a games gender well known for being very complex and stable in solid mechanics. GUTS is being developed with the balance of the best games in fighting gender, nonsense humor and extraordinary funny with a comic violence.
Imagine a hyper consumerist society in 2067 where a scientist discovers that people who get exposed to high levels of violence on TV are healthy and peaceful. Violence on TV is allowed and the fighters become the major celebrities in the world! Dismembering your oponents in a reality show doesn’t seem the most normal thing in the world, but try to imagine this violence mixed with an over the top humor.
Each characters has his own story and a reason to be at GUTS. Put a hell of a fitness father to fight against a lumberjack, who is also a lumberjack that is also a Tree-Saving activist, and keep the audience and GUTS’ host entertained, otherwise he can add some surprises to the fight, like saws and lava in the arena! Everything is allowed to keep the show entertaining for the spectators and players!
Combine a fighting game with dismemberment, fun, violence, unique characters and gore, that’s what GUTS is about. GUTS is being developed by Flux Game Studio and has a estimated launch for the second half of 2017 for PS4, XOne, Windows and Steam.
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Windows; Xbox One; PlayStation 4