Gravity Jumper
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Jump between planets using gravity as your only weapon.
Help Gravity Jumper find a new planet after his home planet was invaded.
Your goal is to navigate from planet to planet using gravity as your only weapon while collecting all the diamonds. Currently there are 81 levels and more levels are coming soon.
On your way you will meet many obstacles. Avoid getting too close to the sun and black holes, but use them for "slingshotting" to other planets.
You will land on different kind of planets. Some are friendly while others are deadly with thunder storms, spikes, homing missiles and lasers.
Each planet has a circle with a light circling around it. This is an indicator for how much life the planet has left, and on each jump you use the planets resources. After two jumps and the planet has no atmosphere left.
Throughout the game you will have to avoid getting hit by asteroids too, but collect the red diamonds, which you can use to restore the atmosphere of "dead" planets and/or to get 3 stars when the level is finished.
Simple touch based navigation using rotate and swipe combined with the fun of gravity will keep you entertained for hours.
The game uses video ads, but it's possible to remove them if you buy the game. To buy the game, click on the shopping cart in the main menu in the lower left corner of the screen. This is done using in-app purchasing.
Game Features
* Easy and fun to play.
* Use gravity as your only weapon.
* For each completed level you unlock a new one.
* Complete a level to get 1 star.
* Collect all the green diamonds to get 2 stars.
* Collect all the green diamonds + 10 red diamonds to get 3 stars.
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