Geeks vs Gangsters
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Geeks vs Gangsters is an easy to get into idle game that combines classic clicker game features like lots of upgrades, huge amounts of money and offline progression with unique features.
  • Two competing iconic factions to choose from
  • Huge talent system to personalize your strategy
  • Different types of managers for different play styles
  • Almost 2000 unique buyable upgrades + additional unlockable specializations
  • Monthly competitions with rewards for the best players
The gameplay is like this:
After joining one of the factions you start the game with only a dollar, just enough to get your first business running (it’s cheap, isn’t it?). By repeatedly tapping the first business you earn money which enables you to upgrade your business and increase its revenue or to open the second business. After a short amount of time you have earned enough money to hire the first manager, who takes care of the tapping for you and allows you to earn money even when not playing Geeks vs Gangsters.
Progressing into the game allows you to buy more and more upgrades, unlock additional features and achievements and learn a specialization for more unique jobs. Spend talent points to plan your strategy and hire freelancers by selling all your businesses, only to restart the game with even bigger starting revenue and compete in monthly competitions for cool rewards.
Lars Krakhecke
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android