GEARGUNS - Tank Offensive
Published 3 years ago
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GEARGUNS - Tank Offensive This single player game offers you a spectacular journey through destroyed cities with epic battles,
a gripping storyline, survival mode, and modern military vehicles!
Join our group and stay tuned!
The History of the Project and What You Can Expect in the Future:
I have always liked war games and wanted to create an extraordinary project where there could be tanks, planes, fantastic robots, epic battles on land, in the air, and at sea. I have been cherishing an idea of creating such a large-scale project for a long time, thinking up the plot and the development of the storyline, scanning a lot of references, analyzing similar genres and projects. In "GEARGUNS - Tank Offensive" I have planned an original plot and a great deal of various locations.
At this point, the game menu is ready, all main game missions are completed including Tutorial Mode. All the basic mechanics of the game are fulfilled; more than 50 cut scenes of Story Mode are made using the game engine, etc.
Basic missions in Story Mode are added: you will not only play them on the tank, but also on a military plane and a military truck!
A new Survival Mode is added: the player will have to capture enemy bases in order to stop the alien invasion.
Believe me, the work on the project is going on every day, and I am trying to make the project better and complete it as soon as possible! Big thanks to all the fans of the project and just curious people for advice and comments on how to improve the project! Please follow the project and stay tuned.
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Alexey Glinskiy
Tech Artist, Level Artist - Other
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English; Russian
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