Game of Dragons
Published 2 years ago
In development
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This game is strategy game with RPG element using card. You can enjoy strategic decision and fun throughout this game.
▶A RPG strategy card game, you can create card focused on your Hero’s adventure and its party.
▶Construct and manage your own deck of cards as your cards are essential to the gameplay. When the game gets released, more than 200 cards will be available.
▶A unique card-crafting system that enables you special personalization of your card. Create, name, set images, choose and combine effects to your liking. With endless design options, how will you make your card deck to conquer the world?
▶Deeply rooted and originated from core RPGs and strategic fantasy elements not only from old age games like Ultima, Final Fantasy Series but to modern gaming trends as well.
▶Using Unity engine, available in English, Korean, Japanese firstly. (more languages can be added by stretched goals)
▶With your funding, the game will be released for PC, Android, iOS platforms. PC, or any console version will not have in-game-purchases. Depending on the success of the stretch goals, other platforms like PS4 and Xbox One releases will be considered.
Lee Dong Hun
Game Designer, Programmer/CEO - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Korean
Supported Platforms