Galaxy Golf
Published 3 years ago
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HTC Vive; Oculus Rift; Gear VR; Other VR
Tee-time in another dimension! Galaxy Golf fuses miniature and traditional golf with a space age twist.

VR brings a whole new perspective to aiming your shot, and with streamlined controls, anyone can get into the game – but scoring under par will challenge even the best.
Tee-time in another dimension! Galaxy Golf is Liftoff Labs’ debut, bringing the fairway into the space age in a planetary VR puzzler like no other.
Our galactic golf courses span nine planets each. Every planet has its own gravity field and features unique obstacles and challenges along the way. Begin by exploring Pleasant Hills and enjoy a mellow course with a pastoral vibe – and then level up your skills against the hellish infernos in Frosty Brimstone. Will you chip your way to a safe score, or blast your ball into orbit as you try to sink a hole-in-one?
Galaxy Golf’s controls are designed independently for all of the major VR platforms, leveraging the strengths of each device. Physically spin the planet and grab your ball using Vive wands, or intuitively navigate and aim with your gaze on mobile VR and Oculus Rift. No flat-screen golf game can give you the sense of space or the level of aiming precision achievable in VR. Truly, we live in the future.
Mars Jokela
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Supported Platforms
HTC Vive; Oculus Rift; Gear VR; Other VR