Furious Angels
Published 2 years ago
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Windows; Mac
Furious Angels is an endless shooter with flying tanks, leaderboards and different waves each day.
How does it play?
The recommended way to play Furious Angels is with the mouse: aim, fire with the left button, thrust with the right button and hold your fire to repair/reload. Thats it.
You can also use a more familiar twin-stick control scheme with your gamepad OR mouse + wasd OR only the left stick/joystick with the fire button. Your choice.
Absolutely, but there's a catch: everything will reset the next day with a rank upgrade and new waves, a fresh start.
Key Features:
  • Fight against waves of increasing difficulty, randomized on each day.
  • Airborne upgrades, transform into a flying tank!
  • Compete on the daily leaderboards to become the most furious.
  • Rank up on each new day and unlock specific achievements.
  • Simple controls, you can play with one hand. Hard to master.
  • Steam achievements!
  • Modular destruction of the bigger ships gives you the tactical edge.
  • Ram the enemy!
Filippo De Luca
Game Developer - Designer
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Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac