Frank The Spider
Published 2 years ago
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A dynamic, maze, puzzler where you must navigate to the top. Move a distance 1 unit, per move, in any of the 4 directions, but be careful, as your move initiates the enemy wave to move 1 unit.

Fun, cute, all ages.
Frank the Spider is a fun, arcade puzzler where Frank (you), must reunite with your girlfriend on top of the proverbial barn. 
The game mechanics use a grid based system, in which the user can move move in one of four directions (up, down, left, right), where one move equals one move by the array of enemies. The result is a dynamic, shifting, evolving maze. You must consider your moves before you make them, calculating if the position you are about to move to will be occupied or not by an enemy object. 
Proceed safely!
Rennie Moffat
Yah Man Games - Designer
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English; English, British
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