Flynn and Freckles
Published 3 years ago
In development
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Flynn & Freckless is a 3D platform game on which Flynn, a young and brave pirate, begins his search for the famous treasure of Captain Freckles.
Flynn Hawkings, a young pirate tired of being the laughing stock of his village, decides to begin a quest to find the most famous of treasures, the sword of Captain Freckles, an old and ruthless pirate captain. But nothing is as it seems, Flynn ends up falling victim to a curse that lays on the sword, the captured spirit of the captain himself. Because of this, Flynn will be forced to start a journey together with the spirit of the old captain to break the curse. 
- Explore different levels filled with traps, obstacles and dangers as you collect incredible treasures. 
- Solve a large variety of puzzles in order to continue your adventure 
- Fight with all your spirit against powerful enemies, and bosses that will make you fear for you life 
- Meet the isle's residents, and seek for their help and their secrets to become stronger
Game Languages
English; Spanish
Supported Platforms