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A trip into the mysterious world, where you have to fly till you can, in order to keep your plane flying. Do you have what you need in order to survive longer? or are you among those who give up?
Fly is an addictive game that ensures an intense game play, which might even throw you into a clash with players all around the world, in order to achieve the Highest Score in the Leaderboard. The Constant increment in speed makes it harder and harder. Are you ready for the Challenge?
Challenge yourself in the endless, dark, cursed and shadow domain, where you have to unleash yourself to the extreme in order to achieve the top score. Use the the Unlimited powers and perks available in the gameplay and collect more points to get yourself at the top in the leader board. 
Game Features :
1 . Go Airborne
2 . Apocalyptic Environment with a soothing sound to get lost in it
3 . Achievements Available
4 . Online Leaderboard to compare yourself with others
5 . Special Upgrade able Power ups to make it much better
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