Find Me
Published 4 years ago
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iOS; Android
Find Me! is an arcade game that promises to keep you on your toes with its fast-paced action and addictive gameplay, suitable for gaming on the go! You have just a few moments to tap the right number in a series of 12; score a point by finding the number in time before doing it all again. See how long you can last!
It’s an intense, fast-moving challenge for all ages as you tap your way through hundreds of dizzying digits, designed to distract you from finding the number you’re after that’s is hidden away. Remember to keep an eye to the top of screen, where the number you need to find is shown - it changes with each successful tap. 
As you go on, you’ll have even less time on your hands and the margin for error will start closing on you fast! To get a top score, you’ll have to work up your skills and Find it! quicker than anyone else...
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iOS; Android