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iOS; Android
Fightlings is a collectible card game for mobile devices with epic PVP battles, hundreds of creatures, and a unique context-based twist.
Tarkis is in chaos. Queen Nada, the only one capable of controlling the planet's interdimensional portals, is dead, murdered by one of her six children. You are the Envoy, sent to Earth to reunite your people – the Fightlings – and restore order to Tarkis. Gather resources and summon Champions, Fightlings, and Minions from 30 different clans. Build your decks and take on other players around the world in real-time, one-on-one battles that combine CCG mechanics with a classic memory game.
Fightlings uses Thoughtfish's proprietary COALA (Context-Aware Location Assessment) technology to assess a user's current context and update the game accordingly. Wandering through parks or green areas gives green resources; walking near transit systems or power sources gives red ones. Certain resources appear during particular weather; others only at specific times of day or at unique points of interest.
In recognition of COALA's ability to blend the intimacy of mobile devices with the complexity of daily life, Fightlings was nominated for the 2016 German Game Developer Prize and the 2017 German Computer Games Prize.
Thoughtfish GmbH
Game Languages
English; German
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android