Escapa del Laberinto 2016
Updated 2 years ago
In development
Available on
Windows; Android
Enters the variety of mazes we have for you, challenges your speed to make it to the goal of each of our labyrinths, which we update every month, adding more levels.
Also enjoy some very nice graphics within our mazes, where you will see a splendid global illumination.
Features include:
• Many levels of mazes.
• very nice and beautiful graphics
• Game for children of all ages
• Wide variety of mazes for all.
• Integration with google play games
• Easy and addictive
This game will challenge your mind and your senses to live out each of the mazes, which will be very difficult to pass because each has its high difficulty level above other games.
Once inside you can enter each of the mazes included in the game, the mission to collect all the burgers as you can, there are also challenges against time to spend more time over each proposed level that children and adults or parents can easily play.
Soon a new update that includes:
• Robots
• Dungeons
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; Android