Eons Lost: Arrival
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Eons Lost is a strategic turn-based fantasy RPG created specifically for Android and iOS. A demo featuring an early quest is playable in Eons Lost: Arrival, now available for Android and iOS.
Wield magic and fight monstrous beasts in this moving epic of an RPG. Perfect your combat strategy, explore majestic realms, and embark alongside a hearty crew of heroes as you uncover the mysterious world of Eons Lost.
A Truly Mobile Experience
Eons Lost is a fresh take on the traditional turn-based RPG, marrying immersive gameplay with the convenience of your smart device. This demo, a preview of what’s to come, does not feature any ads or micro-transactions, allowing you to enjoy the game anywhere, without need of a constant online connection.
Compelling Story
Lysia, Randal, Yanmei, and Skye travel through a dense, dark forest, hoping to reach the Crowne City. When they stumble upon a recently abandoned camp, questions arise as the team becomes more aware of their dangerous surroundings. As the party tightens their grip on their weapons, their focus is broken by a piercing scream that rends the air.
Challenging Gameplay
Eons Lost employs a turn-based system where strategy reigns above all else. Switch between two unique combat stances with Lysia, the Warrior, to strategically rout the enemy and keep danger at bay. Combine the elements and cast spells with Yanmei, the Elementalist, to launch ranged attacks at foes. Charge and unleash energy with Randal, the Spiritualist, to heal wounded allies and boost their abilities. Guide Skye, the Fledgling, through combat with an assortment of these same eclectic skills. Learn to master each character and their distinct skills in order to achieve victory throughout an assortment of challenging scenarios!
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Muhammad Abdul-Rahim
Software Engineer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; English, British
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android