Published 3 years ago
In development
Android; HTC Vive
Emergent is our entry for the 2017 Global Game Jam using a dynamic gameplay with the HTC vive and Android. It is a zombie shooter and a puzzle game packed into a very skillful experience.
The year is 2024. Donadolf Drumpf continues his unconstitutional power trip to get a third consecutive term and makes himself Overlord of the West. Dr. Nikola Boltz, in a fortuitous turn of events stumbles on the schematics of a device which allows access to a Boltzmann brain. A Boltzmann brain, first hypothesized by his great uncle Ludwig Boltzmann, is the anti-matter to our matter. Through the information in this brain, he finds that the world is over-run by zombies in the next 18 years and needs to find a way to survive. He creates a quantum vacuum manipulator which allows him to create matter in a different time period. Sitting in the present, Dr. Boltz is able to help himself in the future by providing health, armor and ammo to help fight the zombies who appear in waves. 2 players are needed for this gameplay. The non-VR/outside or Present Day Boltz has to play a game of wavelength matching which creates ammo, health or armor and it is sent to VR/inside or Future Day Boltz to aid in his war.
Sharatchandra Aithal
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Android; HTC Vive