Dungeon of Gravestone
Published 3 years ago
Available on
iOS; Android
Death & resurrection awaiting in dungeon's depths. Mix of puzzle, action and RPG
Dive into dungeon now!
In this world nothing awaits you but death. ―
Dying, resurrection – 
vicious circle for those who aim at depths of the dungeon.
Only thing to change are gravestones increasing in numbers...
Those possessed with dark thought, 
gather in little town at the foot of gaping wide dungeon entrance.
The heroes awaken in this god forsaken place and those who wander the streets aimlessly.
Unaware of the faith shared by deceased, they all set their feet into the dungeon.
And once again, new tombstone arises..,
utomatically generated 'instant death dungeon' 
 Rogue type RPG with new floor generated each time.
 Beware of traps and tricks.
 Challenge friends and other players in ranking system based on how far can you get.
ravestone system 
 Leave messages for other players. Will you help them? Will you deceive them? Engrave your last words.
loors full of puzzles 
 In continuation to previous puzzle RPG game 'BlockQuest', new floors full of mind-boggling secrets are here.
BOSS system 
 Introduction of BIG BOSS system. Each enemy coming with different attack method and variety of ways to fight them.
 Enjoy finding, buying, enhancing items and weapons.
 Create your own, strongest set.
 Learn magic.
 Recovery, flames, flying - search for and study ancient scrolls of magic. Awaken great power.
 Check bulletin board for quests that come with great bounty. They can help you to power up your HERO.
 Large scale improvement on operability with all new, flexible system, developed specially for improved smartphone gaming.
・Instant death system is quite difficult and not suitable for players with low patience level
・To get better items, improving your own game play is necessary 
・No 'item gacha' system
・No 'tap to level up' system
kiyoshi honda
Game Languages
English; Japanese
Supported Platforms
iOS; Android