Drop Alive
Published 4 years ago

Drop Alive begins its story as a tiny drop of water that comes to life. Finding itself inside a huge house, it longingly stares at a distant river by the window and then decides to embark on a perilous journey to reach it. On its way, the little drop must learn to use its ability to change between liquid, solid and gas forms in certain circumstances to progress through levels and get ever closer to fulfilling its dream of reaching the river.
These unique state changes and the abilities they grant the player result in a fun game with a wide variety of fun challenges, and its beautiful hand-crafted graphics, sounds and music breathe life into the gorgeous world of Drop Alive and help immerse players in it.
Drop Alive will be releasing as a free game, and a first demo release is coming out soon on Steam Greenlight.
Julian Impelluso
Programmer / Designer
Game Languages
Spanish; English
Supported Platforms