Published 3 years ago
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Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4
Drive!Drive!Drive! is a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time.
Drive!Drive!Drive! is a racing game unlike any other, where players must drive their cars to victory across multiple tracks at the same time.
Let us try to explain how this brain-melting idea works: You are able to switch between the different tracks of a race any time you like. When you switch away from a track, a computer racer takes over driving on that track for you.
Unfortunately, the AI racers aren’t what you’d call competent. They are what you’d call incompetent. In other words, to place well in every track you're racing on, you’re going to have to hop track-to-track on a regular basis to account for the subversively cretinous computer cars.
This Artificial Idiocy™ is uniquely powered by our Intelligent Stupidity™engine.
Here’s just some of the many other reasons you’re going to love Drive!Drive!Drive!:
* Online multiplayer! Compete against friends and/or total strangers!
* Create your own racing calamities with the track creator. Then punish the rest of the world by sharing them online!
* Four different styles of gameplay, including: purist mode, arcade mode, collection mode, and time trial!
* A campaign mode featuring 50 tracks
* A bonus campaign mode featuring 50 additional (and harder!) tracks
* An amazing soundtrack by the world's state-of-the art synth/prog/post-rock band ZOMBI
* Those trippy retro/future visuals all the kids are hallucinating over, set across different galaxies and multiple gravities
The future of racing games has finally arrived, and it’s far stranger than anyone anticipated.
Gordon Midwood
Game Maker & Designer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; French; German; Italian; Spanish
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4
Karthikeyan K
a year ago
i still can't believe you single handedly built this INSANE game!!!! You are my mentor from now onwards
2 years ago
GG man good work !
Andy *underlife*
2 years ago
game lover and beta tester
Heh nice
Gordon Midwood
2 years ago
Game Maker & Designer
Hello! Sure, what do you mean exactly? :)
Game Developer
@Gordon Midwood can u help me figure out the best way to calculate player position on the race? idk how to do it!