Published 2 years ago
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iOS; Android
Dreamica is a fast-paced game about avoiding obstacles. It takes advantage of the touch controls on mobile devices. There are no virtual sticks or buttons - just the magical environment of the Dreamica world. By drawing magical force fields with your finger, you can alter the way in which your character moves. In other words, you must put soft things in front of the character to avoid sharp ones!
Prepare for a magical adventure in the Dreamica world!
Have you ever been trapped in a dream? Two children - Dakini and Damarion - have the misfortune of experiencing just that. Their dream is haunted by a terrible ghost. During their escape, they trip and fall down the deepest chasm imaginable - one which spans dimensions!
Fortunately, the good wizard, Walmond, conjures up a magical, bubble-like shield around them. It keeps them safe from the horrors of the nightmare, but it is also fragile and easily popped. Walmond almost used up all of his power with such a difficult spell, though, so he needs to rest awhile and can’t help children any more. To save them, it's up to you to guide them through dark forests, murky swamps, and other dangerous, magical, and dreamy places. The path will not be easy. Sharpen your reflexes and prepare your fingers; the journey from nightmare to beautiful dream is just beginning!
Beautiful graphics
You will fall in love with the colourful world of Dreamica. Magical dream creatures are followed by a terrifying nightmare creatures. Just like in real dreams!
Constant danger
Your reflexes will improve quickly as you navigate between spikes, trunks, spores, and laser fireflies - all without stopping because evil spirits are constantly breathing down your neck!
Immersive music
The music and sound effects were composed by the famous duo - Jim Guthrie and J. J. Ipsen! You will find yourself immersed in the game like never before. And what do they say about Dreamica? Read for yourself!
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iOS; Android