Doomsday Craft
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iOS; Android
Doomsday has arrived. Jump in your vehicle and try to outrun the apocalypse. See how long you can outrun the end of days using a wide variety of vehicles with more to come.
Mine obstacles for 'Ore' while trying to survive as long as possible. Use the 'Ore' to upgrade your vehicle or buy new vehicles in between turns.
Each vehicle has unique capabilities and music. Try to collect them all. 
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Additional Details:
Doomsday Craft works on all iOS devices down to iPhone 4s, iPad 2, & 5th Get iPod Touch
This is a unique 'runner' requiring the user to balance their position on the screen. Getting too close to the bottom? You better speed up or you will hit the trailing blast wave. Getting too close to the top? You better mine some obstacles and slow down or you might fall into a canyon, hit some dynamite, or fall into a river. 
Basic Gameplay:
You drive in a variety of different vehicles to escape a trailing shock wave from a nuclear blast. As the vehicle hits obstacles, it loses ground until it hits the shockwave at the bottom of the screen. There are also boosts that allow the vehicle to gain ground and move back up towards the top of the screen. The user is constantly balancing their position on the screen. 
You "mine" by hitting obstacles to collect "ore". This plays into balancing your position on the screen. You "craft" by using your "ore" to unlock and upgrade vehicles.

Charles Carr
Producer/Designer/Developer - Producer
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iOS; Android