Demolition Sheep
Published 3 years ago
In development
Available on
Windows; Mac; Linux
Brave space commander! You need to complete some missions on asteroids, using special space drone. Keep your drone alive, upgrade it and go through fantastic story.

The game is space drone simulator with arcade and RPG elements. You will control the drone via your mobile device.
In the near future, mining will be performed primarily on nearby asteroids. All work is carried out by robots, but in some cases, human intervention is still necessary.
You have to play the role of the brave Commander - the head of the international organization "Demolition Sheep", which is using a special space drone-"sheep" performs a variety of missions to asteroids of your clients.
Destruction of the end-of-term asteroids, repair mining mechanisms, delivering resources, raider seizure of foreign asteroids, search and preparation of new asteroids to start mining - this is an incomplete list of missions that you have to complete.
What to wait? Your phone / tablet turns into a remote control for space drone right now!
Alexey Epsilon
Programmer / Owner - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Russian
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux